March 4, 2024

It’s Bullshit Time: The Deshaun Watson Story Continues On


I originally wrote an article after last week’s Browns game saying that fans really needed to chill with their criticism of Deshaun Watson sitting in the suite during the terrible loss against the LA Rams.

You can read that by clicking THIS LINK HERE.

Anyway, I stand by what I said. However, this news popped up and I had to post again about the situation.

Via NBC – “A Browns spokesman told Mary Kay Cabot of that the medical staff didn’t want Watson on the sideline because they didn’t want to risk a collision that could cause a setback in his recovery from shoulder surgery. All of the Browns’ players on injured reserve who attended the game were in the same suite as Watson.”

Oh. my. That is about the biggest load of crap ever. Here’s an idea and this is just a crazy one to suggest about this Watson sitting situation for the game last Sunday.

Grab a chair. Have Deshaun sit a few feet back from the sideline and that will be the solution to the problem of avoiding an injury to the man. Wow. I’m a genius. Maybe the Browns can hire me? The team tried to cover up this “Watson Criticism” with the explanation given and it was a terrible job done because it made no sense at all.

Even if Watson did stand close to the field, the likelihood of a collision is very slim.

Let’s say the Browns were having Deshaun throw deep passes and tackle running backs violently before the game for some reason. That’s a different story and is a lot more understandable as to why he was upstairs instead. This sideline stuff is not gonna fly by fans and is just going to make everything worse in an already silly controversy.

Well, with the Dawgs are playing the Jaguars at home on Sunday and it’ll be interesting to see the location of this quarterback for the game. Again, I’ll buy you some pom poms to give to Deshaun for the game if it matters that much to you that he’s a cheerleader. Even so, it was just that explanation that was an awful cover-up.

Worse was the loss to the Rams by a score of 36-19 on the road. No matter who sits where the team really needs to play a better game in a crucial matchup against the 8-4 Jaguars on their home turf once again this week. Might say that the season frankly depends on it.

Read more about the matchup by CLICKING HERE.




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