It’s Amazing(ly Great) The Yankees Are World Series-Less

The Yankees suck.

Any true baseball fan hates the Yankees and the fact that the team will go an entire decade without going to a World Series is unbelievable. The MLB, after all, has no salary cap and the Yankees spent 205.4 million on their club this year; that’s second only to the Chicago Cubs at 211.5 million. Compare that to our Cleveland Indians at 122.9 million – 16th. The Tampa Bay Rays finish out the league at 55.4 million.

I harken back to 2016 when Rajai Davis hit the game-tying home run off Aroldis Chapman in the World Series.

What a memory that was for this city.

That smug and pompous closer gave up another crucial bomb, this time to Jose Altuve of the Astros. One of the most favorable non-Indians in the league. It ended the Yankees’ World Series chances.

This is the first decade since 1910-19 that the Bronx Bombers haven’t made it to the Fall Classic and I ask…HOW? With the money to bring in the best of the best, it simply doesn’t make sense.

But, it’s very good for the game.

No one wants a league where one team wins every year and that’s what it, at times, felt with the Yankees for me growing up. It’s no longer that way.

Let’s just hope that as the years go on, the Yankees continue to falter and their dry spell is elongated. Congratulations to the Houston Astros and let’s hope they can represent the American League well against the Washington Nationals.

However, seeing the Indians back in the World Series is a priority. As the saying goes – there’s always next year.

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