Although it may seem hard to believe, the Cavaliers are not always invincible. Coming off a horrendous game against the Miami Heat, it has me thinking, are the Cavaliers 100% ready for the playoffs?

Sporting a 6-4 record in their last ten games, the Cavaliers have been extremely hot and then bitterly cold at times. In the middle of the season the Wine and Gold were constantly switching from losing to winning streaks and back and forth they went. One good sign is that the Cavaliers are getting better at closing out games early against weaker competition.

The Cavaliers made easy work of the Mavericks last week, utterly destroying them on their own floor, pulling out a 30+ point win. Then after the blowout of the Mavericks, the team traveled into San Antonio and snuck out a win against the defending NBA champion Spurs.

Then when it comes to playing the weaker games, either the Cavaliers come out and dominate or they look sluggish and get wrecked. The Orlando Magic game on March 15th was a great example: the Cavaliers were able to have a healthy lead going into the 2nd half of the game. Then, the next game they had against the Heat, the Cavs were run out of the gym and flat out embarrassed.

Earlier games in the season against Utah, Denver, Sacramento, Miami, and Indiana twice have turned into trap games. Trap games, a game in which the Cavaliers can only lose, have become the Cavaliers’ achilles. Playoff match ups between the Heat and Pacers could prove to be fatal for the Cavaliers.

Recently, the Cavaliers are getting much better at trap games, but still look to be weak when playing the weakest of the weak in the NBA. The Cavaliers need to stay focused especially with April quickly approaching, many of the playoff rookies need to realize April means business.


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