April 20, 2024

Although it might not be noticed that much, the NBA relies heavily on team chemistry. Without chemistry, you are no where. And it’s hard to think of an NBA champions team that won without team chemistry.

One of the main reasons that LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were able to have so much success in Miami was the beaming team chemistry they had. During the wave of the “Harlem Shake” videos, the Heat banded together and created a Harlem Shake video. Seeing this as a Miami Heat fan would’ve been great, it shows that the players really enjoy hanging out with each other. Now while LeBron was still in Cleveland the first time, the Cavaliers partnered and did a commercial which included a woman being proposed compared to LeBron and his teammates receiving his new shoes. Seeing this back in 2009 shed light on the team chemistry for the team, and proved that the team was closer than ever.

After the Cavaliers blowout win against the Mavericks, the Wine & Gold did something they’ve never done in the past year – took a team picture inside a plane. It may sound pretty specific to say this, but in the years between having LeBron it seemed as if nobody really communicated after the buzzer. Seeing this picture brought back the memories of the 2009 team chemistry  – as seen below taking a fake family picture. The team in 2009 just did everything together, and it was glorious. When LeBron left the Cavaliers back in 2010, not only did the Cavaliers lose instant talent, but also most of their chemistry.


Now, during the game on Thursday against the San Antonio Spurs, it was apparent that the bond between Kyrie Irving and LeBron James is already intense. Although no where near the bond that Dwyane Wade and James had, the relationship between James and Irving has already taken off. With great play from Irving, the pressure for James to always perform at such a high level is taken off him, which probably make James pretty happy. After the come-from-behind victory against San Antonio, James boasted his approval of Irving and even took to Instagram to compliment his teammate. Irving has been coined the “Point Guard James never had.” Seeing James not be the jealous type, considering his record was broken on Thursday by Irving, James took to praising Irving all night long. James also talked about Kyrie’s performance on his usual video on Bleacher Report Uninterrupted, which also included teammates J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson – as seen below.


While the wins are a nice thing to have, I appreciate the team chemistry much more right now. The Cavaliers are basically in the playoffs already (knock on wood), and are only fighting for a better playoff spot. The team should keep focus and not solely focus on the messing around part.

All in all — All for One and One for All.


Pic – @KingJames Instagram

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