IT2 is no Kyrie, Title Chances Look Slim

The Cavs lost to the Warriors, 118-108, at home on MLK Day. The team played a great first half, leading by seven at the break, 64-57. But with this Warriors’ team, unquestionably the most talented team ever, it is so hard to compete with them for 48 full minutes. Last night proved that for sure.

Think of this. The Warriors were one Draymond Green slap in LeBron’s “no no’s” away from being three-peats looking to win their fourth championship in a row. Now, I can harp on how Kevin Durant is a snake for going to the best team in NBA history as a free agent, but it is what it is.

I wasn’t a fan of Isaiah Thomas when he was on the Celtics. I’d take Kyrie Irving back in a second and it’s too bad he wanted out of Cleveland. However, many Cleveland fans will make any excuse about his performance.

The dude looks like a middle schooler out there.

Now, I will not deny his talent, especially with his size, but it’s that size that hinders him, especially against the Warriors. It’s like playing defense four on five. It would be hard to guard the Warriors six on five. Multiple times did players get easy shots because of the airspace IT2 provides. Just look at the photo of this article!

Thomas did score 19 points and had some impressive shots. However, he missed 13 shots and went 1-7 from three. He clearly doesn’t have his legs back yet and that shows.

Right now, the Cavs have no shot to beat the Warriors. In a seven-game series, I don’t think any team in the league does. Even if the Cavs trade for Clippers center DeAndre Jordan, which they should, it most likely will not be enough. Thanks, KD, for ruining the NBA.

IT2 is not the only problem with the Cavs, but he is my biggest problem. There’s no room to hide anyone on defense against the Warriors because everyone is a threat.

It’s a testament to LeBron’s greatness that a team this talented had to be assembled to beat him. It’s just hard to watch it happen over and over again.

The Cavs will first have to get out of the East, which right now looks like no guarantee. But if it’s Cavs vs. Warriors IV, I just don’t see that juggernaut losing.

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