It May be a Long Season, But There is Reason

Cavs fans we are back in action! This is where we dig in this is where we #LetEmKnow. 0-2 means nothing; keep the faith, keep on watching, this Cavalier team is flat-out fun.
Let’s stop right now and not dwell on the negatives. Our defense is at best below average, but take a look around the Association and you will see no one plays defense consistently.  We also do not have a player who can score at will or when you simply need a bucket.
 What we do have is a reason to believe for this season and beyond because we have talent.
Colin Sexton, the Young Bull, is flat-out a baller.  This man brings it night in and night out.  It is no mistake he averages over 20 a night for his career.  I implore you to block out the haters and watch him closely; he constantly moves on and off the ball and can get to the bucket. His J isn’t awful either- for 22 years young you have to like what you see.
His next step this year is to be that player who we can count on when it’s on the line. He is dropping 25 a game and growing up before our eyes.
Second, Evan Mobley is legit.  This kid can do it all and is the perfect complement to C. Sexton. Understand he will have his growing pains (don’t forget he is 20) – however, continue to watch. He is must-see TV to understand. Outside of the proverbial stat lines that will become a mainstay- he alters shots, sets screens on and off the ball and can cover any five on the floor.  You will not see these intangibles in any box score, but this is EXACTLY what we have been missing. He stretches the floor, bangs inside, but will step out and drop a dagger in your eye.
The rest of the roster fills out nicely. Yes, they are one of the younger teams in the NBA at an average age of 25. Enough cannot be said about what the savy vet Ricky Rubio brings both on and off the court. What he is teaching the Young Bull and Darius Garland is irreplaceable. Jarret Allen and Issac Okoro have a gritty toughness and do not overlook Cedi Osman. If K. Love can stay on the floor for 20 minutes giving a blow to L. Markkenan-look out!!
This team can run the floor, they have playmakers and are deep.  Playoffs may not be a given, but don’t be surprised in a shallow East when they are fighting for the 8th seed; it is not out of the question and would be a huge leap forward.
These Cavs are not the glory years we previously grew accustomed to, but they bring excitement and hope- which is more than anything we have seen in the past few years.
Rome was not built overnight.  Either was this team. Have some patience, have some confidence and, #LetEmKnow we are running, gunning and coming up in the East!

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