Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder Bring Grit

Updated: September 9, 2017

Jae Crowder and Isaiah Thomas have officially been introduced as Cleveland Cavaliers. It was certainly weird seeing both players holding the jerseys up, especially with the past that Crowder has with the Cavs. If you would’ve told me that either player would be on the Cavs before the start of this season, I would’ve called you dumb.

It’s obvious what these players bring to the table for the team. Thomas has been counted out during his entire career since high school. Thomas was the last pick in the 2011 NBA draft, Kyrie Irving was coincidentally the first pick in that draft. Thomas’ height should’ve been the reason he never made it into the NBA in the first place, but he worked and worked and made it into the league. Thomas put in the time and effort needed to stay in the league year after year and even went beyond that.

People have voiced their love for Thomas’ off court ventures as well. Thomas has given back to the state of Washington numerous times and even won the NBA Community Assist Award during his time with the Boston Celtics. Thomas was born in Tacoma, Washington and has brought an annual tournament to the city that involves players like Jaylen Brown and Jamal Crawford. Although many people have counted Thomas out throughout his career, he makes up the lack of height with tremendous effort.

Jae Crowder’s hustle is unmatched.

Crowder is listed at 235 pounds and 6’6″, not the tallest at his position and also not the biggest. Even though Crowder isn’t the most physically demanding player on the floor, he still has the mindset and skill set to guard the best opposing player on the floor. Crowder has been known for his defensive ability, but he has quietly improved his shooting ability and his percentage from beyond the arc, hovered around 40% this past season.

Crowder mentioned that “I told her I’m going to win a ring. Five minutes later, she passed” when talking about his mother recently in an interview with Allie Clifton. Crowder is emotionally strong and physically strong and has shown in his time in Boston when playing against the Cavs that he is a true competitor. Crowder seems extremely excited to be playing for the Wine and Gold and had a bitter ending with the Celtics. Crowder was not enthused with Celtics fans cheering for opposing players during home games and he also had multiple Celtics fans tweeting at him saying they wanted him traded during the off-season.

The Cavs didn’t just receive talented players, but they also obtained two players that play like dogs. The Cavs lacked mentality during the finals against the Warriors, expect Crowder to cover Kevin Durant during the entire game. These two players will be fun to watch in the coming years.

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