Is this the best team LeBron has been on?


LeBron James has accomplished nearly everything he has set out to do in his NBA career. He’s a four time MVP, two time NBA champ, two time Finals MVP, eight time All NBA First Team, ten time All-Star, 2004 Rookie of the Year, and two time Olympic gold medalist. LeBron has done nearly everything imaginable on the basketball court, but after 11 years there is still one thing he has not done… bring a championship back home to Cleveland.

The reason LeBron left Cleveland for Miami is because we did not surround him with the players he needed to succeed. LeBron is an unbelievable player who makes everyone around him better. He took a bad 2007 Cavs team to the Finals, and led a team whose second leading scorer was Mo Williams to 63 wins. Mo Williams is not half the player Kyrie is. LeBron also took a Miami Heat team whose starting point guard was Mario Chalmers to the Finals four years in a row. Let’s see what LeBron can do with a legitimate top five point guard in Kyrie.

LeBron has also never played with a big man as versatile as Love. Like Bosh, Love has the ability to hit the outside 3, but he is a much bigger presence under the basket then Bosh. Love has averaged 12 rebounds a game throughout his career, compared to Bosh who has only averaged 8. One of the Heat’s biggest problems in the Finals was their inability to rebound with teams like the Spurs and Mavs. Love has also proven to be a better facilitator than Bosh, averaging a half more assists a game.

This Cavs roster also provides a better starting five than any of the Heat teams. Waiters and Varejao will provide a better supporting cast than any of the Heat teams could produce. The Cavs can also boast of having a better bench by having guys like Marion and Thompson. The Cavs will also have the same ability to run the floor and hit corner 3s like the Heat was able to do with LeBron. This Cavs team has the potential to be the best team that LeBron has ever been on. I don’t see a reason why this team can’t do the same thing that the Heat did the last 4 years.

No matter what happens after his return, LeBron will go down in history as one of the best basketball players of all time. Bringing a championship home to Cleveland would be icing on the cake and could cement his place as the best basketball player of all time. This time he has some help in Cleveland.

Tonight LeBron and company start their eight month journey to bring home the championship that has forever eluded the Cavaliers. The King is back on his throne. Let the party begin.

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