Is the Window to Contend for a Title Closing for the Indians?


Question Marks in Outfield

It’s easy to look at the Indians lineup and see how much production is given by Francisco Lindor and Jose Ramirez, but don’t sleep on players patrolling the outfield.

We’ve already talked about production from Brantley and Cabrera, but what about names like Greg Allen, Bradley Zimmer and, since his final month was spent in the outfield, Jason Kipnis?

Greg Allen enjoyed an up and down rookie year that mostly showed flashes of what could come with consistent development. Post-All-Star break Allen enjoyed a nice .310/.379/.405 slash line with 15 stolen bases, even after Kipnis took over as the starting center fielder.

Speaking of Kipnis, despite his rough start to the season, he rebounded, mildly, to hit .244 after the All-Star break and swatted 18 homers and drove in 75 RBI on the year, not bad at all. Although he is under contract in 2019, there are still questions as to where he will get the majority of his playing time and exactly how much playing time he will get. 2016 Kipnis could play every day, however, an injured Kipnis proved to be a little less productive and the fans’ patience is running thin.

Zimmer, on the other hand, did not enjoy as good of a year as Allen. After showing promise in 2017, Zimmer seemed to regress this year, hitting only .226, and with his speed, a .281 OBP is subpar.

Not to mention, Zimmer is currently rehabbing from surgery on his right shoulder, putting doubt into whether or not he will be ready for the start of the season. Once a promising prospect, Zimmer may be taking a backseat to Allen on the 25-man roster that, at this point, no one knows will look like come next April.

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