Is the Green Stuff the Good Stuff?


The issue of marijuana is not only a hotbed topic in professional sports but also in the Untied States. However in the case of sports, especially in the National Football League, there are not rapid developments in the progress of legalizing marijuana. Marijuana usage is currently banned in the NFL even though it is legal in the states of Washington and Colorado. The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos are not allowed to smoke marijuana even though it is legal in the state that they reside. This situation can cause very many problems for some of the players. Meanwhile, the current NFL testing process makes it easier for players to use marijuana during the season. The current marijuana testing process is very incomplete when it comes to the regular season. The players are only tested for marijuana use in mini-camps and organized team activities. This means that the players can smoke during the regular season currently even though it is a supposedly banned substance.

Some current and former players have disagreeing views on the legalizing of marijuana in the NFL. One example is Ryan Clark, the Steelers safety, has admitted that some on his teammates smoke and thinks that it is acceptable in some cases such as pain relief and stress relief. On the other hand, Mark Brunel believed that NFL players should not be able to smoke because it limits brain function and sets a bad example for young football players. The Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll believes the NFL so research medicinal marijuana and if it helps then they should consider letting players us the drug. It seems it does because medicinal weed is allowed in 20 states. However, logistics and which players being allowed to smoke may cause problems. Logistics could be a problem because some players may want to bring weed to different states when they play out of town. This could be a problem because not all the states allow the drug to be used medicinally and could also get in trouble for transferring weed across state lines. Also, the weed use would have to be regulated because the players could not be “elevated” during the games as well as when they are dealing with the media. Another player Antonio Cromartie has stated Commissioner Roger Goodell should just let players smoke which is even a grey area because medicinal marijuana would have to be used first before recreational use. However, this just may be speculation because many analysts believe this will not happen and the NFL has just recently released a statement saying the legalization of marijuana is not going to happen this year.

-Dalya Oprian

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