April 14, 2024

Is the Answer to QB in Free Agency?


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Before I get into this article, let me say something first. No quarterback, especially options I will get to, can play with the horrible offensive the Cleveland Browns have. The Browns need to assess the line this offseason, and treat it as a top priority. No QB had time to make great throws this past year. The line needs to be fixed.

Since coming back to Cleveland, the Browns have looked for ‘their guy’ at quarterback, but they haven’t found him yet. Recently, we have had glimpses of greatness from quarterbacks such as Derek Anderson, Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel, but all of these players have fizzled out. It seems so easy for other teams to find their quarterback, but it seems like rocket science to find ours.

Is there someone available this year to save us?

Free agency is slowly creeping up on us. Franchise tags are quickly being used by teams. Rumors are swirling on where players will go. Free agents are getting ready to sign. The market for quarterbacks is currently slim, but with one released quarterback from an AFC East team and things could get interesting.

My “not so bold” prediction is that Tyrod Taylor will get released by the Buffalo Bills. I’m almost positive of it. When he becomes available, there will become four intriguing options available: Taylor, Kirk Cousins, Mike Glennon, and former Brown, Brian Hoyer.  Cousins is ruled out in this scenario, because the Redskins have placed the non- exclusive franchise tag on him. Now, the Redskins could do a sign and trade for Cousins. That would almost certainly cost the Browns their 12th overall pick, plus some other later picks, which I know the Browns would not agree to. I also do not think that Glennon will be on the Browns next year, just based on that he does not fit with what the Browns are looking for at quarterback. Glennon has an above-average arm, but he does not have the mobility and athleticism that Hue Jackson covets.

The two options that the Browns could target are Brian Hoyer and Tyrod Taylor. Both of them provide different skill sets that may intrigue the Browns’ coaching staff. As us fans know, Hoyer was an effective game manager for us in the beginning of the 2013 and 2014 seasons. Taylor provides a dual-threat run/pass attack that may be exactly what Hue Jackson would like. They are both worthy of an in-depth look.

Luck has not been on Brian Hoyer’s side in the past several years. This unluckiness all started when he tore his ACL in a Thursday Night Football matchup against the Buffalo Bills. He had looked promising for the Browns and was seen by some as the ‘QB of the future’.

After his knee injury, more people started to doubt him ever being solid again. The offseason after his knee injury brought in a young, cocky and immature quarterback with the name of Johnny Manziel. Many Clevelanders, myself included, thought that Manziel would be ‘the guy’ to finally lead us to the playoffs. Many of us forgot about the success Hoyer had the year before. When the 2014 season started, all the talk was about the quarterbacks and who would start that week. It was only a matter of time before Manziel would overtake Hoyer’s starting position and Hoyer knew that from the start.

Hoyer played well in the beginning of the 2014 season, while leading us to a 7-4 record. After a few mediocre starts, Hoyer was replaced by Johnny, and well, we all know how that turned out. Hoyer turned into a free agent in the following offseason and was replaced by Josh Mccown.

Would you accept Hoyer back with a chance of starting for the Browns this year?

Hoyer played some of his best football here in Cleveland. Unlike his first time around, Hoyer will have more weapons in Terrelle Pryor, Corey Coleman, a more experienced Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson. The offensive line won’t be as good, but Hoyer would have a chance to finish what he started, in making the Browns competitive again.

Tyrod Taylor brings a refreshing new option for the Browns and something we have not seen before. He will be what we all hoped RGIII to be. Taylor will be a true mobile quarterback, with the ability to extend the play. Hue Jackson will have a field day drawing up options and roll out plays. He fits with what Hue really enjoys.

Taylor has an above average arm, but his feet are what will make him an exciting player. The things that concern me with Taylor is his injury history and how long he holds the ball.

Tyrod Taylor is going to be prone to injury.

He was injured in 2016 and with the rate the Browns quarterbacks went down this year, he has a good chance of getting injured here. Taylor was the quarterback that held the ball the longest in the NFL this year. That is not a recipe for success, especially with how our line protected the quarterback this year.  His talent on the field may be enough for the Browns to overlook these two weaknesses.

Would you accept either of these players as your quarterback next year?

If you would want Hoyer, keep in mind that he is an option for the next year or couple of years, until the Browns find their quarterback in the draft. Tyrod Taylor would be a multi-year option guy. He would be the ‘near future’ of the Cleveland Browns. Personally, I wouldn’t mind either. I think Hue Jackson could mold either into a quality starting quarterback for our Cleveland Browns.

What do you think?

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