Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

Is Kyrie Irving Still a Cavs Legend?

Kyrie Irving hit the biggest shot in Cavs history that sealed the deal for our first championship in city history since 1964 and the first in Cavs history. For six years he dazzled us with his finishing ability and handles. He was my favorite player personally and beloved by the Cleveland faithful.

He also thinks the Earth is flat, so there’s that, too…

When Kyrie requested that he wanted a trade out of Cleveland this past summer, I was shocked. Why would anyone want to be traded out of such a desirable situation? It appears that Kyrie was tired of being the little brother or son of a certain LeBron James. He wanted a new situation and that was fair for him to ask. I guess…

Trading Kyrie to Boston was again another surprise as they were our top rival in the East. The Cavs did receive a lot in return from him in Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder and a first round pick that belonged to the Brooklyn Nets.

Kyrie Irving was no longer a Cavalier and we were going to have to decide our true feelings about him as he chose to demand a trade; it was not the fault of the organization for pulling off a deal. That in itself was a slight to the Cavs and this fan base that loved Kyrie when the team sucked and of course when they were competing for titles.

But then Irving started to run his mouth.

This quote really hit a nerve. When you think of Cleveland, you think of our sports and especially the loyalty the fans show to the teams. The Browns have sucked for nearly 20 years and yet they are still supported by the fans.

Cleveland is not the sexiest city by any means, it’s not necessarily a travel destination either, but we have our sports teams and we are a damn proud sports city. That’s why it didn’t even make sense that Kyrie would make those comments.

Note: No one is saying Boston doesn’t have great sports fans. It’s that Cleveland ALSO does and he should’ve recognized that in his quote.

Then, a new quote just came out that read in part:

This is another quote that rubbed me the wrong way. Again, just like the quote about a real sports city, Kyrie could’ve phrased this in a way to just compliment Brad Stevens instead of dissing all of his other coaches.

Ty Lue led the Cavs team Irving was on to a championship and David Blatt got them to the finals. Both of these men did it in the first year. Did you reach the finals in your first year, Kyrie? Well, you didn’t have LeBron to get you there, but you get the point.

I am appreciative for Kyrie and all he did for the Cavs, especially the famous three he hit over Steph Curry to give the Cavs the lead in Game 7 of the 2016 Finals.

However, with the way he is speaking about the city and the men that coach the team I love, my lust for Mr. Irving is leaving me. No longer do I respect him like I once did. No longer do I want to think about his dazzling moves all day and night while pretending to be him (and failing) on the basketball court. No longer is he Uncle Drew. He’s just Kyrie Irving, Point Guard, Boston Celtics.

Your new team may be off to a good start, but you will learn that the selfish move you made this summer is going to sting in the playoffs. I hope the Cavs and Celtics face off so the master in LeBron can teach one final lesson to the student in Kyrie.

Irving is one hell of a player and no one can deny that, but maybe he should think twice before running his mouth about the city and people that got him to where he is.

His legacy depends on it.


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