As soon as draft season started, Mel Kiper Jr. shocked the nation with his first mock draft having the Cleveland Browns select Josh Allen with the first pick of the draft. Ever since then everyone is scrambling and doing their research to see if this kid is worth it. I like Allen, but he makes me nervous as hell and I don’t like that feeling.

Sure, he has prototypical size (6’5″) for a pocket passer and with his big frame; he can shake off tackles to extend plays. He had the ideal frame of an AFC North quarterback. Allen also has an arm you can fall in love with. He can make the deep throws that no one else can. Something Cleveland hasn’t seen in a quarterback in a while.

On the other hand, Cleveland has also seen their fair share of inconsistent quarterbacks. That is what Josh Allen is in my eyes. His career completion rate of 56.2% as a two-year starter at Wyoming is not encouraging and his accuracy decreases when he is forced to move. He had one good year where he passed for over 3,000 yards and 28 touchdowns, but he threw 15 interceptions and completed 56% of his passes.

These are not encouraging stats for a potential number one draft pick. Sure, he could sit a year or two behind Tyrod Taylor, but that still doesn’t put me at ease. Josh Allen is boom-or-bust and I personally wouldn’t take the risk with the first overall pick. However, I could see him landing with the Buffalo Bills, where he could feel at home with the bad weather.

Josh Allen does make plays, though, check out this video:
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