Hey, Cleveland.

Is anyone else already dizzy from the carousel of potential head coaches swirling around town these days? Naming a head coach will be the story to watch during the offseason.

Many of us have our personal choice regarding who ought to get the Browns head coaching job. For me, that choice is our interim head coach and defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams.

While I know that Browns’ General Manager, John Dorsey, is casting a wide net for potential coaching candidates, I am a sincere believer that if something is not broken, just leave it to hell alone. I’d say the work Williams did after the firing of Hue Jackson is certainly not broken.

Mention Gregg Williams to NFL fans and you will get mixed reactions. Right now, many of us are looking at Williams’ five wins in seven games in the midst of a coaching turnover and we see the savior of the Cleveland Browns.

Others point to his coaching record during his three-year tenure as the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, a dismal 17-31 and say Williams is not a proven winner. To this, I say the same coach – different team. It is impossible to look back and judge the intangibles that were in play during this time.

Still, other detractors assault his character as the architect of “Bountygate” while leading the New Orleans Saint’s Super Bowl Championship defense. While everything about offering bonuses for cheap shots and causing injuries flies in the face of what I believe to be appropriate, I will argue that Williams served his suspension and we have heard no accusations about this here in Cleveland.

So, what do you think Browns fans?

Is Gregg Williams who we need to lead this talented and energetic group of players to the championship promised land? Is he a sub-par head coach and a nefarious villain?

As rumors swirl like lake effect snow, it truly is anyone’s guess what will happen. Many long-time Browns fans (like myself) are braced for impact. We have seen plenty of good people turn into missed opportunities. I, for one, am very cautiously stepping on the “in Dorsey we trust” bandwagon. During the selection process, we can be sure of one thing, Cleveland Sports Talk will help you stay informed about happenings with facts and not heaps of rumors.

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