Jon Gruden once promised Case Keenum on his former show Gruden’s QB Camp on ESPN that it doesn’t matter where you are drafted. This year, some coach will take a chance on you and give you an opportunity. Jon Gruden was right; he got a shot in Minnesota and he made the most of it. Now, Case Keenum will be receiving a big contract from whatever team he wants; here’s why it could work with the Browns.

Case Keenum has played on multiple different teams under multiple different head coaches and offensive coordinators. This can come as a benefit because he has played under so many systems, he has been exposed to many different kinds of plays, which means he will be able to pick up whatever scheme Todd Haley and Hue Jackson want to run with him. He has great accuracy and good decision making which will help him limit turnovers which have plagued the Cleveland offense for the past couple years. One concern with Keenum is that the talent he had in Minnesota elevated his performance and if he came to Cleveland you could see his performance drop. This very well could be true, but I think Keenum could succeed in Cleveland because of thre simple reasons., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

The first reason is he’s got a chip on his shoulder. He was passed on by every NFL team, so he wants to make sure every team regrets it every time they play against him. The second reason being he takes care of the football so well that he will always give the browns a chance to win. The Browns have been killed by turnovers for the last few seasons that if they could limit the turnovers and put themselves in position to win games, the win column will see a great increase. Third reason being him and Josh Gordon could thrive off of each other. Josh Gordon, this year after coming back from his suspension, performed well but was tied down due to bad QB play. Case Keenum made Adam Thielen into a great receiver this year. With someone with the talent of Josh Gordon catching passes from Case Keenum, the sky is the limit.

Keenum is unlikely to hit the FA market, but if he does, the Browns should be very interested in signing him to a long-term contract.

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