April 14, 2024

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Back in February the Cleveland Browns pulled off a stunning trade with the Houston Texans that highlighted Cleveland netting a 2018 second round pick. Oh yeah, they also agreed to take on Brock Osweiler and his $16 million due this season. It was immediately reported that they were expected to cut the quarterback or try to trade him.

However, I don’t believe anyone wants him. After all, Houston coughed up a draft pick to get rid of him. It also wouldn’t be wise to cut him because he is already paid for. Don’t waste the money. Put him on the field and see what he can do. April 17th is the first day anyone is allowed to step foot in the facility. That’s gives the Browns some time to evaluate him before the NFL Draft on the 27th.

On a positive note, Hue Jackson has a track record for getting the most out of his quarterbacks. I expect him to let Brock compete for the starting job. Jackson might be able to get Osweiler in the right mindset like he had in Denver. Think about it. This kid started seven games for the Broncos back in 2015. He led them to a 5-2 record and passed for 1,967 yards including 10 touchdowns to six interceptions. Now, I know what you’re thinking. They had the number one ranked defense in the entire league and great wide receivers to throw to. True, but he still managed the game well and remember the Browns just signed Kenny Britt who’s coming off a career year. Not to mention, we drafted Corey Coleman last year. He has tons of potential and will be a great complimentary receiver to Britt.

Alright, back on topic. I’m not here to convince you the Osweiler should be the starter hands down, but the team paid a hefty price for him so I think it would be wise to see if the juice was worth the squeeze. It’s essentially a win-win situation. Cleveland already gained a draft pick for him so there is no harm done if you work out Brock and he doesn’t fit into the offensive scheme. An additional positive is that Cleveland could hold a legit quarterback competition where no one is favored more than the other like a couple years ago with Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer. I’m a fan of these position battles despite having one every other year. Competition has a way of bringing out the best in each participant if they truly have the fight and the desire for it. If Brock is impressive and comes out standing on top, then the Browns got their starter and a 2018 draft pick.

Now, I’m saying starting quarterback. I nowhere near comfortable calling him the franchise QB yet as he’s got to earn that title. Most of you reading probably think I’m crazy, but I’m sticking to my guns here. Just give the kid a shot at redemption. He is just 26 years old with five years of experience, but only one and a half as a starter. He is still learning and developing. Some notable quarterbacks didn’t break out until later in their careers. Rich Gannon was mediocre until he landed with the Oakland Raiders in 1999 when he made his first Pro Bowl at 34 years old and later made a Super Bowl run at 37 years old. Kurt Warner didn’t get a real shot until he was 28 years old with the St. Louis Rams in 1999. Alex Smith is another great example. He had 50 games under his belt as a starter before his breakout season in 2011. He was 27 years old and led the 49ers to a 13-3 record and their first NFC West title since 2002. The point is Brock Osweiler’s golden years could still be ahead of him.

The young field general showed amazing potential during his brief stint replacing an injured Peyton Manning. Enough to at least earn an expensive contact from the Texans. I don’t know the guy personally, but I’ve heard he is arrogant and has a poor attitude. Don’t worry because Hue won’t have that in his locker room and maybe this whole ordeal humbled Osweiler some.

On a final note, a couple days ago Sashi Brown said that Cleveland was in no position at wide receiver to part ways with Josh Gordon yet. If that’s the case, the Browns aren’t in any position at quarterback to part with Osweiler. They would be dumb to without seeing if he can give more than Kessler and Kevin Hogan. The Browns haven’t hit on a quarterback since I began watching football in the early 2000’s. Not to mention, they have started worse quarterbacks than Brock. Names like Bruce Gradkowski, Charlie Whitehurst and Derek Anderson come to mind. DA was a bum, but I actually didn’t mind him, though. If you gave those guys a chance, then I ask you, why not Osweiler?

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