Is Bradley Zimmer The New Grady Sizemore?

Updated: August 28, 2017

Us Cleveland fans remember the out fielding gem that was Grady Sizemore. From the diving snags, clutch hits and supernatural speed, Grady was an outstanding player. With a need for another outfielder in early 2017, with the uncertainty of the Michael Brantley’s injury lurking, Bradly Zimmer would soon get the call up to the bigs.

Before we dive in on comparisons between the two, stats must be provided. Grady was a 3x All-Star (‘06,’07,’08) with the Tribe, as well as being recipient of the Gold Glove award two times (‘07,’08). Sizemore was also a winner of the Silver Slugger award. Sizemore’s career-high batting average came in the 2006 season where he finished with a .290 average, along with 28 home runs. Grady was also a participant in the 2008 MLB Home Run Derby. Known for his freakish speed, Sizemore had stolen 38 bags in the 2008 season. Although that doesn’t seem like much, you could see his talent in the outfield with amazing range for nearly impossible catches.

As for his comparison, Bradley Zimmer is the rookie center fielder for the Tribe this season. Zimmer has had an up-and-down rookie season. With all kinds of slumps and hot streaks, it is hard to tell what this man will turn out to be. Batting .251 with only eight home runs, Zimmer has been okay to fill the depth chart with outfield. His build and size are what give the comparisons to Sizemore, Zim has all of the tools necessary to become Cleveland’s next Grady Sizemore. The flashy speed also puts him with Kenny Lofton and Sizemore as the speedy boys of the Cleveland Indians’ organization.

Myself and others within the CST team do believe Zimmer has all of the opportunity in the world to become what Grady was. If Sizemore wasn’t so injury-prone, he might have gone to do even better things within his baseball career. It truly sucks because he had just entered his prime before he injured his leg and could never return to All-Star form. I do think that within the next 2-3 seasons, Zimmer will breakout as amongst the Mike Trout’s of the MLB and I cannot wait!

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