Introducing CST’s Brand New Podcast: Locker Room Talk


What’s going on everyone.

Myself and Colin Obringer just released a brand new podcast under the CST Umbrella. Locker Room Talk is a mixture of sports and comedy. We can go from talking Browns football to calling four different Chinese restaurants in Brooklyn, New York and letting them argue with each other. We will provide solid sports analysis and also hilarious discussions.

Here is a clip from our first episode that was released today where we decided to give a Chinese restaurant in New York and ask them who they would choose between to NBA teams that play tonight. Clearly they did not like the question:

Here is a clip from the episode that comes out tomorrow morning where things get kind of dicey with a Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn:— Locker Room Talk Podcast (@LockerRTPodcast) March 4, 2019

We are currently waiting on our podcast host to handle everything on the back end in terms of iTunes, Spotify, etc. so for now our episodes will be available at

There will be a brand new episode every single Monday for the time being. If we start to get some traction, we will go to multiple episodes a week.

Thank you all for listening!

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