November 28, 2021

Introducing a New Series: Cleveland Clocks

Imagine that The Drive or The Fumble never happened. That Jordan’s Shot clanked off the rim. Mesa didn’t blow the save. LeBron never left…or came back…or left again. Obviously, the past is the past. These events can’t actually be changed. We don’t have a real-life Marty McFly and Doc Brown to make it all better.

Today, we live in crazy times with this Corona Virus spreading all around the world. First, I want to send my well-wishes to anyone suffering from this horrible epidemic and my condolences to those that passed away.

With the majority of major sports suspending their respective seasons, it takes some creativity from a website like ours and others around the world. There isn’t a new game or event to write about every day like we are used to doing all of these years.

It’s not easy, but the show must go on. Right?

That is why CST is introducing, “Cleveland Clocks.” It is a new series that all of our writers are invited to participate in for the time being until the balance is restored to the sporting world. If all goes well, sure, we’ll keep it even in the future.

What is it?

A writer picks an event that happened in the past (usually with Cleveland Sports but it can be national, too) and gives a summary of what actually happened. Then, something from that event is changed. The writer subsequently writes about the changes to the outcome and the benefits or fallouts because of this new change to Cleveland Sports, the town and its fans.

Be prepared to read about a lot of events from the past…with a twist. We hope it’s enjoyable and stay safe through these trying times!


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