Interview with Crunch VP Luciano Ruscitto, Part Two

Here’s the second part of our interview with Crunch VP Luciano Ruscitto. Part One can be found HERE!

Q:  Is the organization working with the City of Cleveland? Is the local government offering any form of incentive to make the transition easier for the club?


A:  The Cleveland Crunch has full intentions of working closely with the city of Cleveland to ensure all guidelines are met.


Q:  Outside of season tickets, will there be other ticket plans? What is the club thinking in terms of ticket prices?


A:  In addition to season tickets we plan to offer discounts through our season ticket club membership “Crunch United.” We will be releasing more information regarding ticket prices, season ticket packages, and club memberships at a later date.


Q:  For the open tryouts in November, how do interested parties contact you about participating?


A:  We have had several parties reach out to us inquiring about tryouts. We plan to post more information in the near future regarding an official date and time for our November tryouts. The tryouts will be designed in an open format with a registration fee that is to be determined.


Q:  Has the search for a coach begun? Is there an internal deadline for when the club would like to hire a coach?


A:  Currently, there is no internal deadline for when the club would like to hire a coach, however, we are in the process of drafting a list of candidates of interest. We plan to hold a formal interview process and hire our coaching staff accordingly.


Q:  Will there be former players involved with the new iteration of the Crunch?


A:  Yes, there are several former players who are involved with the new iteration of the Crunch including Otto Orf, Zoran Karic, and the “Michael Jordan of indoor soccer”, Hector Marinaro.


Q:  As for the fans, will there be a fan club? Will the organization encourage the formation of supporters groups? How about promo nights?


A:  Throughout the course of the season, the Cleveland Crunch plans to host several promotional nights that include but are not limited to: Otto Orf mullet night, College ID night, Military/Armed Forces night, Throwback night, Disability Awareness nights, and many more! We also plan to host a “Hall of Fame” night to honor former Cleveland Crunch players from the championship teams of the ’90s.


The Cleveland Crunch plans to hold fan engaging pre, post and in-game activities on game days. We will have a dedicated section in the arena for our official fan club/supporter group the “Crunch Craziez.”


Q:  Outside of youth soccer camps*, what other ways is the club planning to engage the community?


A:  The Cleveland Crunch plans to be actively involved with the greater Cleveland community, by partnering with local non-profit organizations to host fundraising and community outreach events.


Q:  Finally, what are your goals for the first season?


A:  Ultimately, our goals for the first season are to build a strong club image and brand, establish a winning culture and foster a competitive environment that will help our players and coaches reach their fullest potential. We want to revive the legacy of championship soccer here in Cleveland and bring back that nostalgic feeling that still resonates with fans today.

*The Crunch completed a youth soccer camp this past weekend (Sept. 25-27) with more camps planned for the future.

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