Why The Indians Playoff Hopes Are Still Alive


According to the sports machine that is ESPN, the Cleveland Indians have a .1% chance of making the 2014 postseason and the Kansas City Royals have a 71.93% chance. This is despite the soon to come series between the Indians and Royals at Progressive Field in Cleveland. Going into Saturday’s play the Royals held a 4.5 game lead over the Tribe and were gearing up for 2 paramount games with the AL Central leading Detroit Tigers.  I will be called a typical, delusional homer for this article but I am enduring nevertheless.

Last night’s 10th inning defeat to the Twins was damaging but by no means the knockout blow that the abundance of skeptics would have us believe. Even if the Indians could just maintain their standing through the weekend, which should be a forgone conclusion considering the Royals/Tigers series, they would enter Monday’s 4 game series against the very Royals they are trying to chase down in the wild card within striking distance.

On Monday the Royals will arrive in Cleveland and start by playing the bottom of the 12th inning from their game back on August 31st. The Indians hold a 4-2 lead in the game and just need to get three outs to complete the game and a what would have been 3 game sweep over the Royals that started back in Kansas City on August 29th. This is a quick way to apply some pressure to Kansas City as it could draw the Indians to within 3.5 games or closer as they begin the full three game set that night. Considering the disparity in results between the two teams this season, anything could happen and a sweep or even 2 out of three would draw the Indians within 2.5 games of the wild card with 3 games to play.

These potential results do not account for the Oakland Athletics recent collapse, that has them posturing for one of the two wild card spots themselves. With one wild card spot being held by a disconcerted A’s club and the other by an assailable Royals team, one that the Tribe has proven they can get the better of, things could still break the Indians’ way. I for one am not going to take meaningful baseball in September for granted. I like this team, and their young talent, that is locked up, has them trending upward. They haven’t given up and neither will I. ROLL TRIBE!

By: Brad Ward

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