Indians Pitcher Trevor Bauer Brings Back ’69 Days of Giving’

CLEVELAND – 69 Days of Giving is back for another season.

Tribe pitcher Trevor Bauer is bringing back his charity effort for the second consecutive season. The idea started last year when Bauer mocked Major League Baseball’s arbitration process by donating his arbitration price to different charities.

Last year, Bauer donated $420.69 to different charities suggested by fans for 68 days. On the 69th day, he donated $69,420.69 to Max Hayes High School in Cleveland, a recipient chosen by Bauer himself.

But the humorous sexual and drug dollar amounts didn’t end it 2018 for Bauer.

His “69 Days of Giving” campaign is back for another go around. This time, with a new changeup pitch in his arsenal, Bauer upped the ante for his charity campaign.

For every strikeout that Bauer throws during the Tribe’s 2019 campaign, the selfless starting pitcher will donate $10 to 69 different charities. Last year, he threw a career-high 221 strikeouts.

Bauer is leaving it up to his fans to select the 69 charities he will be donating to. The link for fans to submit charities can be found on his Twitter, or by clicking here.

The official logo of Trevor Bauer’s “69 Days of Giving” campaign.

Bauer said he plans to donate to 69 groups that benefit after-school programs and activities for kids.

“Help me encourage kids to pursue their passions and dreams,” Bauer posted on Twitter on Sunday.

Nick Pedone can be reached on his Twitter, @NickPedone12 with questions or comments. Go Tribe! Photo: Getty Images

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