Indians Must Target This Free Agent

Outfielder Matt Kemp has played 13 years with 215 HR and 1010 RBI in total. He was a staple of the LA Dodgers lineup for many years and has bounced around since. Recently, it was announced that the Cincinnati Reds would be releasing him.

Kemp hit .200 with 1 HR and 5 RBI in his brief stint with the Reds this year.

The Indians have a bad offense, could sign Kemp for cheap and he could be a DH for the first time in his career.

Here are the salary details: The Dodgers, Padres and mainly the Reds have to pay for Kemp’s 21.75 mil he is owed this year. The Indians would just have to sign him to a minimum deal.

Maybe being the DH would help Kemp get the bat going, even at the age of 34? After all, even though the Indians have a solid record (18-14, 2.5 games back of the Twins), the offense is ranked 26 in the league.

My thinking is…why not? The worst that can happen is he struggles and ends up getting cut. The best is that he can return to All-Star form and help the Indians lift the great pitching this team still has.

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