March 4, 2024

10. Bold Predictions

Lindor and Ramirez both have 30-30 seasons: Lindor went 33-15 last season, while Ramirez went 29-17. No reason to see these two guys not improving as they approach their prime.

The Tribe have three pitchers with 200+ strikeouts: Trevor Bauer was four strikeouts away from the Indians doing this last year. Kluber and Carrasco will easily pass the 200 mark and Bauer will make it three. Mike Clevinger will threaten to make it four – but falls just short.

The Indians make a big trade deadline addition: I have no evidence to substantiate anything, but I think either Josh Donaldson or Manny Machado will be on the Indians by season end. That pushes Ramirez to second and Kipnis into the outfield.

The Indians will be the first team to clinch a playoff spot: Playing in the easiest division in baseball will let the Indians feast on the dregs of the AL and will allow them to build a nice lead in the division, which leads to an early clinch.

Three Indians start the All-Star game: Lindor at shortstop, Ramirez at third and Kluber gets the starting nod for the AL.

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