March 4, 2024

9. How Long Will the Window Be Open

It all depends on what type of window we’re looking at. If we’re looking at the World Series window, I believe this will be the last year of that. Of course, that all depends on what the Indians do with Cody Allen and Andrew Miller. Bringing one or even both back would extend the window a couple more years. However, I believe the Indians will have to choose between one of the two to keep. Free agent relievers were the only group not affected by the slow market. It’s also possible the mega-free agent class of 2019 could help the Indians. With guys like Bryce Harper, Manny Machado and Josh Donaldson hitting the market, the Indians could take advantage of other teams using all their resources to sign those players and be able to keep Miller and Allen. I still wouldn’t bet on it though.

As for the division window, that will stay open longer. The Tigers, Royals, and White Sox are all in rebuild mode, which should buy the Indians some time. I think the Indians will contend for division titles until 2020, at which time Carlos Carrasco, Jason Kipnis, Edwin Encarnacion, Danny Salazar and Michael Brantley will no longer be under contract. And while the White Sox are still in the early years of their rebuild, they have some of the best high upside prospects in the game and will soon be knocking on the door. Of course, as long as the Indians have Francisco Lindor, Jose Ramirez and Corey Kluber under contract, along with Tito at the helm, the Indians will always be able to field a winner.

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