Nearly five months ago the Indians finished one of their best and most accomplished seasons in franchise history, but also one of the most disappointing. We all remember how abruptly the season ended in the postseason, so we don’t need to rehash any bad memories. All you really need to know is that the Indians are coming off two straight division titles and a 102-win season. They lost a couple of pieces in the offseason and added a couple of people to fill those holes. They’re still the odds on favorite to win the division for a third-straight season and yet there are still people who are concerned.

With all that, welcome to my third annual season preview, which takes a look at not only the Indians but also a couple key teams around the league. This year is by far the biggest season preview to date. I’m dialing this one up to 11 different questions/topics. So try not to fall asleep, and try to make it to the end to see my final season prediction.

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