Indians Have a Huge Opportunity This Weekend

The Tribe took care of business during today’s traditional double-header in sweeping the Rangers. 2-0 and 5-1 were the scores. Additionally, the Twins lost 11-7 to the Braves.

These are the updated standings:

Well, this weekend the Indians have a chance to climb even closer. The next four are in Minnesota against the Twins. What a big series it will be!

But, let’s all chill.

It’s big, but there are 44 games remaining after the series ends. Plus, six of those come against the Twins (three home, three road). Finally, right now these are the AL Wild Card current standings.

One game playoff in Cleveland if playoffs started today!

It pains me to settle, but I would take a home wild card game at this point. Obviously, any fan wants the division crown, but that doesn’t guarantee anything. The Yankees beat the Indians in the 2017 ALDS as the wild card winner themselves.

It’s not like the NBA where the eight-seed has basically no shot, despite making the playoffs. In baseball, getting in gives a team a chance to win it all.

That’s the beauty of the sport.

With the Trevor Bauer trade that the Indians made with Cincinnati, acquiring Yasiel Puig and Franmil Reyes, it’s clear this organization is going for it all. Honestly, it’s the right way to go seeing the success as of late.

If one asked me that a couple of months ago, I would have certainly shown some apprehension on the buy or sell issue. I may have suggested trading for prospects to prepare for the future. This team found something that works and let’s hope they can go full-throttle to the playoffs and beyond.

It continues this weekend against the division-leading Twins.

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