It’s still Spring Training for the Indians (depending on when you are read this at least), which means we still a couple weeks till the games mean something.  In that spirit, I’m going to write an article that has no relevance for the 2015 Cleveland Indians season.

We always compare players to other players, but what about comparing players to movies?  I know what you’re thinking, this Chris Sladoje guy is clearly off his rocker.  Hear me out for just a second.  If you’re like me you love sports, but you also love movies.  Being a college student like I am, I spend most of my time watching Netflix (because I don’t illegal stream movies, hint hint, wink wink), instead of studying (hopefully my parents don’t read this).  So I got to thinking, what movie would Corey Kluber be?  What about Carlos Santana?  And what about (gulp) Nisk Swisher?

Time to get you popcorn ready, and let me say, possible SPOILER ALERT!!!

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