December 8, 2023

Way back in 2014, June 23 to be exact, I wrote my very first article for CST titled “Cleveland Indians All-Star Tiers.” It was an article that ranked certain players in tiers to determine if they should make the All-Star team or not. Three years later and I’ve run out of ideas to write about so I decided to dust it off and return to my original article for an “unofficial” part two.

Back when this article first debuted only one Indian player ended up on the all-star team (Michael Brantley). This season has been much different. The playoff run the Indians had last season put a lot of their players in the spotlight and this season the ballot is littered with Tribe bats. As it stands now (6/7), Francisco Lindor and Michael Brantley would be in line to start the game. The last time the Tribe had two starters in the Midsummer Classic was back in 2000 when Roberto Alomar and Travis Fryman made the trip to Atlanta. Last year the Indians sent three players to the all-star game (Kluber, Salazar, and Lindor). The Indians look to be well represented at the game this season, including Terry Francona who will manage the team. Who will join him though? Let’s dig in., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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