April 15, 2024

In Year 15, LeBron Cares More About His Brand Than Winning


Does LeBron James really care about wins or losses anymore?

From his interviews to his postgame tweets, this recent horrific stretch does not appear to bother him at all.

More like…you sucked to close out that game.

So he got roasted by me…

And then he’s tweeting about the weather like his team isn’t in complete turmoil. Of course, it’s cold in Cleveland come winter.

But, the biggest indicator with LeBron is all of these different companies he is working with from Nike on down. These are the types of entities that players work on when they retire. Like Shaq with Gold Bond. LeBron has about a billion of them and he’s still playing the game. He even has his own studio company, Spring Hill Entertainment.

I believe when LeBron won the championship for the Cavs in 2016, he achieved his ultimate goal. That’s why he doesn’t seem to care so much about the recent losing.

However, I will say that his numbers this season are nothing short of amazing and very good for sports betting. I’m talking about mentality. The way he acts around teammates in the locker room, his demeanor are all a cause for concern. I am not alone:

Report: Cavaliers have grumbled about LeBron James hunting assists. That from Yahoo. The one thing LeBron does care about is all the records he still has to break, individual ones that is.

Literally, every day, LeBron is tweeting about this or that unrelated to basketball and it appears his attention is elsewhere. I mean, he’s LeBron James, of course, he’s going to sell his name. But should that matter more than how his team is playing? Absolutely not.

He’s also a social justice warrior which also takes up time and energy, but we won’t get into that.

Without LeBron, the Cavs would be nothing, so it’s hard to criticize him. However, we do need our leader at his best. I want LeBron to need another championship for Cleveland with all his might and I just don’t see that right now.

Maybe it will change tonight against the Warriors. If the Warriors beat the Cavs down, it’s a wake-up call. If the Cavs win, it shows he’s in it to win it.

But we all can admit, this most recent stretch of basketball has been absolutely awful.


Images: ESPN, Clinton Campaign

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