Impossible For Andrew Wiggins To “Prove Us Wrong”


As disappointed as I am to see Kansas star and number one overall pick Andrew Wiggins go, I understand that this trade-to-be is beneficial for both teams. Remember the 2004 USA Olympic Basketball Team? That infamous bronze medal gang was simply a roster stuffed with talent. Blindly placed here and there just because they each were a superstar caliber basketball player.

10 years later, the Cavaliers have a similar problem. With the return of LeBron James, and the continual growth of point guard Kyrie Irving and shooting guard Dion Waiters, getting the number one pick with a 1.7% chance was absolutely mind boggling. The Cavaliers were 9th worst team, and had no business drafting anywhere near number one.

The sights were set on Kansas center Joel Embiid, as the Cavaliers have been in desperate need of a ferocious big man for years. However, a foot injury ruled him out as a possible number one pick. It was just too risky a move.

So the Cavaliers front office decided to play it safe by drafting Kansas small forward, Andrew Wiggins. The thinking was that he would take the role of C.J. Miles and Alonzo Gee, playing the small forward position moving forward.

Weirdly enough, when LeBron James posted that beautiful letter announcing that he will be playing for the Cavaliers, it just didn’t make sense. How could LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters and Andrew Wiggins all function on one team?

They can’t.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I love Andrew Wiggins as much as you do, but he is the type of player that a team builds a franchise around. The rookie is not a role player, and that’s what he would be here in Cleveland. Think about it, would LeBron James be the great star he is today if he played his first few years as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers with Kobe Bryant and Shaq? No, he wouldn’t be. It was the fact that LeBron was the man here in Cleveland that made him into what he is today – one of the greatest players to ever play the game.

Now I’m not saying Andrew Wiggins is a guaranteed superstar, but up to this point he looks pretty damn good. Unfortunately, he just doesn’t fit on the Cavaliers. To boast, we don’t need him.

Trading Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love just makes sense. Minnesota needs a star player to build a team around, and the Cavs have been hungry for a big man. Love average 26 points and 12 rebounds last year for the Timberwolves, and would really fit the high powered and fast moving Wine and Gold offense for many years to come.

I’ve seen plenty of people posting that “they hope Andrew Wiggins proves the Cavs wrong” or that “he’s going to show Cleveland what a big mistake they’re making.”

Simply put, you’re wrong.

See as great as Andrew Wiggins may become, and there’s no denying the ceiling is as high as ever, we don’t need him. Let him be the star in Minnesota. Let those fans LOVE him. Let him lead them to greatness. That’s what he deserves. Moreover, it’s what should have happened on draft night. The Cavs just got lucky.

This year, when the Cavaliers play Minnesota Andrew Wiggins may score 30 points. But it’ll be in a loss because the Cavs have a cohesive unit with each member having it’s own specified role. A team that is destined for a championship.

I wish Andrew Wiggins the best of luck, but it’s impossible for him the prove the Cavaliers wrong as we simply don’t need him.

Kevin Love, we welcome you….eventually.

-Zach Shafron

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