I’m Watching House M.D. & Loving It. Here’s Why:

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I am going to talk about House M.D.

Here is the Wikipedia description of the show, in case you’ve never watched it.

“House (also called House, M.D.) is an American television medical drama that originally ran on the Fox network for eight seasons, from November 16, 2004, to May 21, 2012. The series’ main character is Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), an unconventional, misanthropic medical genius who, despite his dependence on pain medication, leads a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton–Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH) in New Jersey.”

Anyway, I watched this show originally as it ran when I was much younger, but I have recently started to watch it again online. The reason why I love it so much is because of my own health problems; I feel I can relate to a lot of what is going on, despite some obvious differences.

This show covers so many parts of the medical field and Hugh Laurie is such a good actor and masters the American accent, despite having British one, typically.

While House M.D. is about the patients, obviously. It’s more than that…

You see how these illnesses affect the families of the ones that are sick and the difficulties it puts on others. Something that I have personally experienced in a variety of different ways.

Additionally, I love how House is a cynical dickhead who is miserable because he himself is in a lot of pain. However, deep down, I believe he cares a tremendous amount about curing his patients, which he almost always does because of his genius.

It might be a puzzle to him, but it is also a human being.

Furthermore, House has horrible pain in his leg. He has to use a cane, something I had to do at one point, as well. He frequently pops Vicodin pills to try and stop the anguish, clearly an addiction of his. I don’t take Vicodin, but obviously, I am on various medications.

Again, it’s other stuff I relate to…

I like that everyone in the hospital has to put up with his bullshit because he is so good at his job. His team has a lot of respect for him, even though it is hard to work for him.

One other character I really like is Dr. James Wilson. He is the head oncologist (cancer) at the hospital.

I really like Wilson because he is the steady hand to House, as they share a very unique friendship. He is able to put House in his place when necessary. Also, he just is a nice guy…

Right now, I’m in the middle of season two (again, I have seen the entire show – just rewatching). It’s on NBC.com.

This is my favorite clip of the show:

If you can handle blood and some other gross things that can happen to the human body, I definitely recommend you check this show out.

Images: FOX

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