It’s driving me nuts that the NFL Draft is still over a month away! Am I the only one?

There’s been hundreds of mock drafts by various different experts, and all the talk is streaming through networks across the nation every second of the day. The thing is, the talk always changes. This leaves me very confused and conflicted.

On April 8, our very own Cleveland Browns will be selecting the future of our team. It’ll start at the #4 spot early in the first round, and judging from the plethora of reports the Browns will be selecting nine different players. From Manziel to Bridgewater, all the way to Watkins. It never ends.

Look, I just want it to happen. Let’s pick our guys, and get to work. It’s about time a winning team wore those orange Cleveland Browns helmets, and I’m very keen to know who it’ll be running the show.

-Zach Shafron

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