I’m sure we have all seen or heard some of the horrendous statistics as Browns fans, but here is a brief list in case you haven’t.

Last year’s 1-15 season record was a franchise-low and now we are sitting at 0-15

Hue is currently 1-30 as Cleveland’s head coach marking a franchise-worst winning percentage of 3.33%

Hue owns one of the worst winning percentages (23.6%) in NFL history.

The 2017 Cleveland Browns have been outscored by 172 points, including five losses of six points or less.

With this in mind, Cleveland is about to become just the second team to lose every game in a 16 game season. This isn’t something to be proud of despite fans hosting a parade if the task is completed. It may seem like fun and games or even a message to ownership, but I, for one, am not a fan. This team is nothing to be celebrated, but if this is what it takes to get the message across, then, so be it.

I am calling for a coaching change, though. I have been a supporter of Hue Jackson ever since the Browns laid eyes on him as a candidate two years ago. In my mind, he was a great coach in the making, but never got a solid opportunity. He took over for a season in Oakland, but they quickly moved on after an 8-8 campaign. Jackson took a job in Cincinnati, rose through the ranks and the rest is history.

I was a true believer in the “quarterback whisperer” after seeing the magic he worked for the Bengals. I don’t know who gets the credit for the debatable success of Andy Dalton, but I’m pretty sure it’s Hue. Unfortunately, that’s irrelevant now as his status as a quarterback guru is now in question. I have yet to see his quarterbacks (in Cleveland) produce at a high level or even produce consistently.

After drafting Cody Kessler, Hue asked us to trust him. Kessler wasn’t terrible last year, but I have no trust after seeing the horror-show of DeShone Kizer. You have to earn my trust and Hue hasn’t done shit to earn that. I have defended this man multiple times when arguing with my friends. That is not going to happen anymore. I had faith in Hue Jackson and it slowly dissipated with every Cleveland defeat. It has been widely reported that Jackson’s job is safe, but you never know with a franchise this unpredictable.

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