March 3, 2024

If You Would’ve Told Me: Five Quarterbacks This Year


If you would’ve told me that the Browns had five quarterbacks play on this team for the ’23 season… Having some Marty & Doc Back to the Future powers to know this, of course. Well, I probably would’ve responded with…

“Yup. Typical Browns. Enjoy the 3-14 record. Give me some Diet Coke so I can drink and cry.” 

Obviously, we know this situation for the season here is much different and in a better way. The Browns have an 11-5 record and have a meaningless road game against the Bengals to finish off the season before a Wild Card Playoff Game the following week.

Who were the quarterbacks?

Deshaun Watson played six games

Dorian Thompson-Robinson played three games

PJ Walker played two games

Joe Flacco played five games

And last but not well (sort of least) is Jeff Driskel starting the final game.

Of course, it took a Browns defense that absolutely carried this team throughout the course of the season. It allowed for such tumultuous turnover to not be a complete problem.

Also, just the fact that the squad as a whole did not lose spirit and fire even with the difficulty with not just the quarterbacks changing but also the number of injuries the team had as well on all sides of the ball.

The good news is that Joe Flacco, who will be the starter in the playoffs, has really settled in with the quarterback role despite being a 38-year-old veteran who wasn’t playing for most of the season and got the call. Again, Driskel is starting the Bengals game to simply prevent any type of injury to Flacco. This along with most of the other starters on the team…

Fun Fact: The Browns are going to be the only team besides the 1987 Patriots to start five quarterbacks in a season. Can you guess any of their quarterbacks that year? Please, please, please don’t say “Tom Brady.”

Well, here’s a list of theirs:

Steve Grogan, Tom Ramsey, Tony Eason, Bob Bleier and Doug Flutie.

Did you know any of them? I didn’t even know Flutie played in New England.

Certainly, this last game is kind of cheating to grow the quarterback “list” because it’s about the value of a preseason game.

It was crazy to start the year with Watson, his contract and then him getting injured as well. DTR was very much mediocre. Walker was absolutely terrible in his time under center. Flacco has been amazing as said. Finally, Driskel is a nobody.

What would be funny?

Driskel comes in against the Bengals and plays absolutely amazing. Browns fans want him to be Flacco’s backup next year because of it. Bye bye Watson, DTR, Walker, etc.

Congratulations to the Browns on an amazing season despite the adversity.

Who doesn’t like Martin and puns? I’m so funny:

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