If Not HC Kevin Stefanski, At Least Can DC Joe Woods


On Sunday, in extreme frustration, I wrote an article about why I felt it was time for the Cleveland Browns to fire head coach Kevin Stefanski.

You can read that BY CLICKING HERE.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be happening. Well, instead the Browns should at least fire defensive coordinator Joe Woods because that side of the football isn’t working.

Woods has coached all over the place including both college and the NFL.

Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Oakland, Denver, San Francisco. He coached at Kent State here in the Cleveland area back in 1997. He’s been with the Browns since 2020.

The final straw? An absolutely horrific game down south coming off of the bye week to the Miami Dolphins by a score of 39-17. Let’s take a look at some statistics.

The Dolphins had:

491 total yards. 296 passing and 195 rushing.

29 first downs.

No turnovers.

Only were sacked a single time.

QB Tua Tagovailoa had three passing touchdowns on 25-32 throwing with no interceptions. RB Jeff Wils Jr. had 119 yards and a touchdown.

Wow. Those numbers are absolutely awful for a defense to give up and it is completely embarrassing for a team that has players that are supposed to be stars. DE Myles Garrett, DE Jadeveon Clowney, CB Denzel Ward and others.

But, it wasn’t just the stats. I mentioned this in the Stefanski article as well. It was the effort and desire that was completely lacking and that can only be seen by watching the players play and not the stat sheet.

These guys are lost. More so than Dexter fans after the original finale.

This coaching staff is unable to light the fire that a team needs that wants to contend. A drive to win games.

Now, this season is basically over after this past loss pushing the Browns to a 3-6 record with a daunting matchup against the Buffalo Bills upcoming on the road. It’s hard to be confident that will be anything but disappointing.

Let’s find another coach that can inspire these players and create a scheme that actually works. Someone that can finish this year out on a positive and work towards a brighter future. One with energy, fire and the will to win big-time games.

For fans that are struggling to recover from the loss, I recommend George Lopez’s new show or old show. Those should help.

And hey, at least the Cavs are playing well recently. Oh, wait…




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