If Cavs Want a Game 6, Here is What They Must Do Tonight

Remember the Land

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I thought Game 4 was a great example of how supportive Cleveland is of our teams. We were loud and we didn’t let a 3-0 deficit take away our enjoyment of the game. The Cavs play noticeably better at home and that’s because they feed off of the crowd, just like Golden State does very well. Even though Game 5 is in Oakland, the Cavs can ignore the Warriors’ fan base and just remember how fun another game in Cleveland would be. Game 6 last year consisted of incredible dunks, disrespecting Steph Curry and serenading Curry as he headed to the locker room with six fouls. If you were to ask a Cavs player if they want to see that again, I’m sure they would say yes. Well if they want to see that, the Cavs have to win this game first.

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