If Cavs Want a Game 6, Here is What They Must Do Tonight

Annoy Draymond

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The Cavs need to annoy Draymond just as much as he annoys us. Controlling Draymond’s emotions seem to be quite simple: don’t allow him to score a few baskets and quickly force him to commit stupid fouls. If he gets to three fouls in the 2nd quarter, that’s the rest of the quarter we can play without Draymond to worry about. The Cavs obviously need to prioritize Klay Thompson, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant on defense. Once the Cavs are back on offense I think the Cavs try to avoid Draymond as much as possible. The “Draymond Effect” on the Warriors as their emotional anchor makes the Warriors either physical or soft based on how Draymond is feeling. Make Draymond feel ineffective or put him in foul trouble and we will see the Warriors playing just like they did defensively Game 4.

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