If Cavs Want a Game 6, Here is What They Must Do Tonight

Never Lose Confidence

The Cavs are coming off an offensive performance which will be hard to replicate again, but it is not something we haven’t seen before. When a team makes 24 threes while shooting comfortably over 50%, either the team had many open looks, some lucky bounces or confident shooters who knew they could hit every shot they took. The Cavs in Game 4 seemed to fit the third description, as JR Smith and Kyrie Irving shot at will and both hit five or more 3’s on 50+% shooting. Both of them have bounced back from their poor starts to the series because they know they are among the best in the league with the ball in their hands. When the Cavs are comfortable shooting and passing the basketball, the offense will click like it did Friday night.

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This series feels much like last year’s in that the Cavs needed a game at home to figure out how they were going to win. Yet this year it is evident that the Cavs will need to fight offense with offense. I don’t believe the Cavs could hold Golden State to under 100 in any gameĀ unless they dramatically slow down the pace of play. As much as I want to seem them play slow and physical like the last two finals, the Cavs are only winning if they score 115+ points. Are they confident they can do that again tonight? Let’s have JR and Kyrie answer that question with their shooting.

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