November 28, 2021

I Would NOT Fire Freddie Kitchens – Here’s Why

It’s been bad.

Honestly, if someone would have told me that the Browns would start this season with a 2-6 record, I would’ve laughed at them and said to stop being such a cynic.

Yet, here we are after a horrific loss to the lowly Denver Broncos on a third-string quarterback that’s never played before in the NFL.

A lot of fans are calling for the firing of head coach Freddie Kitchens and I understand the frustration. I even asked fans to retweet if they wanted Kitchens fired and the results were astounding.

Around 1,000 fans gave it a retweet. Wow.

In an article that I wrote yesterday, I said: “Whether Kitchens gets fired this week, I find it hard to see him surviving past this season unless things drastically change.”

However, with a day to reflect – my thinking has shifted.

For general manager John Dorsey and company to fire Kitchens now would make some sense if 2019 was the last year of the NFL and if the team didn’t win the Super Bowl then the world would end. Thus, removing Kitchens would be a desperation move.

However, any new regime is a process.

Quarterback Baker Mayfield is only in his second season. There are many new pieces and parts to this team and the learning curve is tremendous.

Now, I’m not making excuses for Kitchens. Many of his decisions have been moronic and the fact that he calls the plays is not smart. It’s too many responsibilities for the head coach.

I want to see this team take the second half of the season and rally. Remember in 2001 when the Indians came back from down 12 runs to win against the Mariners? When shortstop Omar Vizquel hit that three-run triple – amazing.

My point is there is such a thing as comebacks in sports.

I’m not saying the Browns will win the ’19 Super Bowl, but there certainly is a chance the second half of the season is better than the first.

Let this team give its best shot and try and right the ship here in 2019. Then, take that momentum and build on it for the 2020 season.

Say the team does fire Kitchens this week. Installing an entirely new system, playbook and philosophy without a training camp to master it doesn’t seem feasible – or smart.

Additionally, the Baltimore Ravens are 6-2 compared to the Browns who are four games back in the AFC North.

I hate to say, what would be the point? But it looks like the division is a battle between the Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers.

While I have spent this article defending Freddie Kitchens, he better take a damn good look in the mirror this week. Things have to change within the Browns Organization because these first eight games have been an embarrassment.

I feel like firing the head coach without a substantial about of time to prove himself would be ill-advised and not help this franchise one bit.

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