I Want to Explain Myself and My *Interesting* Tweet

I made this tweet on the main Cleveland Sports Talk Twitter, @CLEsportsTalk. It came right after Odell Beckham Jr. scored on an incredible wide receiver reverse that put the Browns up 11 points at 49-38 with 3:25 to go in the game.

When the play happened, I was thrilled. It ended up securing a win in a game that was amazing for OBJ and company. However, Dallas started driving down the field right after and the nerves kicked in…

Enjoy the highlight of the TD via FOX:


Before the OBJ touchdown, the Browns had the ball, the lead and just over three minutes to go in the game. If executed correctly, Baker Mayfield and company could have kept the ball in Cleveland’s hands until the final whistle to win, 41-38. While Odell’s incredible gallop did give the team a bigger lead, what it also did was give Dallas the ball back.

*What OBJ would’ve needed to do was slide in-bounds with enough field left to run out the clock.*

Let’s say Dak Prescott and company drive down, score a touchdown and two points. Then, subsequently onside kick and recover it to drive down to kick a field goal.

Tie game heading to overtime at 49.

That was the entire point of the tweet. Thankfully, CB Denzel Ward intercepted Prescott with 1:43 to go to stop that drive in its tracks. This gave the Browns the ball back for good and a sweet victory. However, Dallas was at the eight yard-line and could have scored a touchdown. Then, the aforementioned onside kick would have occurred.

All of this jazz is avoided if OBJ didn’t run down and score the touchdown instead of sliding down.

The negatives? The reasons my tweet received criticism?

Well, what if OBJ doesn’t score, yet a Browns player makes a turnover? A fumble gives the ball back to Dallas now only down three points and a chance to tie with a field goal and a touchdown wins the game. That is why so many people just said we’ll take points when our Browns can get them! That makes sense and I understand that point of view.

IF the Cowboys ended up coming back with 3:25 left in the game and down 11. Well, I would’ve been looked at as a genius for my thought. A very sad and depressed genius. Additionally, I am certain that many other analysts would have brought up the idea that the touchdown run did give the ball back to Dallas’ hands.

Regardless, the final score has the Browns a winner and even with all of my jibber-jabber, that’s all that counts!

*The tweet was deleted because it lost its relevancy.

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