I Thought This Was Supposed to be Fun!

I wrote an article that was published on Nov. 12 about how despite losing (to Philly), this year’s Cavs team was extremely fun to watch and played hard, too. Since that one-point defeat, the squad has lost five games in a row and sits at a 4-11 record with a battle against Portland tonight at home.

But, it hasn’t just been five losses in a row. (Six if counting the Philly game.)

Look at these final scores.

The Cavs have been absolutely throttled in every single game. Cleveland was outplayed in every facet and it appears like they don’t even want to be out there.

Losing is one thing, but giving up 143 points in a game that was only the standard 48 minutes is insane. Everyone is saying, “Well, what did you expect?” Umm…maybe not this literal trash effort on the court?

I thought with a formidable coach in John Beilein that this team would at least compete. No, I wasn’t expecting them to contend for a championship or anything like that, but it was more so just to simply see a team play with its opponents and not lose games by at least 20 points. At least…

That hasn’t happened since the Philly game.

Yes, I do believe it’s time to start looking to trade PF Kevin Love and C Tristan Thompson. There’s no sense in keeping them on a team that is complete garbage.

What I sense is a team that is starting to give up, effort-wise, on the floor and that is disheartening to watch. In order to change the post-LeBron culture of this franchise, it is going to have to start with the guys in uniform actually caring enough to make the most of the opportunity to be playing NBA Basketball.

I thought this year was supposed to be fun, despite not being a top-tier team! That was the point of the article.

Tonight, the Cavs host the Portland Trailblazers. A team that is 5-11 and not so good themselves. In reality, it’s a game that this team should win.

We shall see…

Here is that original article about this team being fun.

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