I Never Pay Attention to Training Camp, Why Should I Start?


Well, Browns fan. I have heard you think training camp doesn’t matter at all. Well, give me this time to convince you why this training camp is something you should pay attention to.

After the disappointing season by Watson, this year is going to be very important. Watson didn’t have a chance to have a training camp last year with his players and he came in late so his players were already tired. This training camp is going to be the best way to watch Watson play again with his teammates in about as close as you can get to real-gameplay style without actually playing a real game. This will give him some more time to bond and connect with his players to make sure they are all ready for the season ahead.

The revamped defense is going to be awesome to watch this year. With Za-Darius Smith, Dalvin Tomlinson, Juan Thornhill and more coming to the team this offseason, training camp is going to be the best chance to see them play in a close-to-real game environment. We’ll get to see all the players meld into one unit and watch them tear up the offensive line. Hopefully, everything goes well, because other than Watson this season hangs on how well the defense can play. This is such an interesting unit and this will be the first time to watch it work.

The receiver core also was revamped this offseason and so training camp is going to be the first look at them together with Watson. Moore already looked like he was getting along well with Watson, so this will be his first chance to showcase his skills in a game environment. Tillman also looks like he is getting along well with Watson and so we will get to see him play in a game environment. Tillman is a rookie so training camp in his rookie season is the first time we get to see him play with Watson being guarded by defenders who aren’t trainers.

The final reason to pay attention is going to be because this team is awesome. There are so many new things on this team and this is the first chance we get to see them play as a team. We also are going to see the veterans who have played with the team for a while bond and warm up to the new people. This training camp has some meaning with how much new personnel we acquired and we really need to see how well they do.

I hope I convinced you why you should pay attention to training camp this year. If I didn’t and you still don’t care then I don’t know what will convince you. Just enjoy this ride because this is the best team the Browns have had in a while, whether you watch training camp or not. Enjoy this team while it lasts, because we have a track record of sucking one year after winning the division.

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