I feel bad for Cavaliers coach David Blatt.

When he was hired to coach the Cavs, his objective was going to bring a mediocre at best team up to par with the rest of the league. There was no LeBron, no K Love and definitely no title aspirations or extreme expectations.

It is my belief that at this current moment coach Blatt wishes that’s what this team was about.

Yes, it’s been the most successful Cavaliers season since 2010, and actually this is arguably the best Cavs team in the history of the franchise. But no one can deny that superstar LeBron James is the man the runs the show. Not coach Blatt. And honestly, it’s James’ ego that’s letting this happen.

The players are supposed to play, and the coach is supposed to coach. It’s been like that since the beginning of time. Yet every couple of weeks, even when the team is winning, we hear a rumor that the team is doing something to “rebel” against Blatt. Mostly, it’s focused around James.

Would it be rewarding to you, winning a championship as the 15th member of the team that rode the bench the entire year? I mean, of course a bit. But nothing compared to actually being an intricate piece to the team.

Coach Blatt is that 15th member of the team, and he’s supposed to be in charge!

The latest rumor is the LeBron calls the play on the floor, and all Blatt does is repeat it so the rest of the guys can hear. Are you kidding me? It’s not James’ job to call the plays, it’s Blatt’s responsibility as the coach. But that’s sadly how the NBA works because of all the egos, especially a two-time NBA Champion’s.

Coach David Blatt may enjoy a sub .500 season sans LeBron and the “Big 3,” more that this current winning season because he would actually be the one coaching this team. The pressure and scrutiny wouldn’t be so severe, and he could run the Cleveland Cavaliers as he pleased.

I feel bad for coach Blatt because he has the experience overseas and is a proven leader. Yet no one wants to listen to him, and he’s received very little respect.

Remember the game in Phoenix when LeBron pushed Blatt away to “protect him from receiving a technical foul?” (Photo at the top)  No way! That was clearly a, “Shut up, you irrelevant old man” shove. Because LeBron let his true colors show in that moment. He hates Blatt.

If I was LeBron James, I’d say the the media: “We all respect coach Blatt. He is the leader of this team, and we will do whatever he asks of us in order to reach our collective goal of winning a championship.”

But that’ll never happen.

Heck, LeBron should wear a suit underneath his uniform.

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