March 4, 2024

Hyde Trade – If It’s Not Broke, Fix It


A fifth rounder? Seriously? I’m going to go out on a limb and call this John Dorsey’s first bad deal. Honestly, if there was nothing going on outside of the public’s view of Hyde or his behavior, then this trade makes little sense. Not only is the move itself head-scratching, but the return we got on the deal was more or less a slap in the face. Did John Dorsey owe Jaguars GM David Caldwell a big favor? Hyde has five touchdowns and just under 400 yards in six outings this season. Not too shabby, especially in the aftermath of years of mediocrity we had with Isaiah Crowell. So what do we do when we have a good thing going?

Screw it up, of course.

Carlos Hyde has created his own running lanes when the offensive line has not. He has hit defenders and not stopped. You can always count on, at minimum, another yard or two from him when he first gets wrapped up by the opposition. The guy is a workhorse, no question.

Now he’s gone.

All I can think of is the borrowed time the Cavs had with Dwayne Wade before dealing him prematurely. Granted, Wade was not as impactful for the Cavaliers as Hyde has been for the Browns, but parallels exist nonetheless.

In the flurry of afternoon discussion since Hyde’s abrupt departure, I have heard a number of statistic-laden arguments thrown out there. “He’s the sixth-best back in the league!”  “No he’s not! Nick Chubb has more yards per carry!” The pros and cons went back and forth. First off, let’s level the playing field here. Number one, yes, Nick Chubb has a yards-per-carry average that’s more than twice as high as Carlos Hyde’s. However, Chubb also only gets the ball two or three times a game, so when you have two breakaway runs of 40+ yards like Chubb did against Oakland, of course, your average carry is going to balloon like a blowfish on the defensive. With that being said, I’ve been ecstatic of Chubb’s presence here since day two of the draft as I’ve followed his time at Georgia.

Chubb may deliver the same numbers as Hyde, if not better, but we won’t know that until Chubb’s number of carries increase, which brings us to our next topic of discussion. Number 24 is about to really start earning that paycheck in less than 48 hours when his workload explodes. Speaking of workload, Duke Johnson Jr. recently expressed his dismay for a lack of playing time.  All I can say is someone must’ve rubbed the lamp because the anti-Carlos Hyde genie is granting all kinds of wishes today.

We are still strong at the position of running back. Of that, I have little doubt. The confusion in all of this stems from the timing and the return. Hyde has the hot hand. You just don’t chop that monster’s head off when it’s reaping rewards for you. The next thing is getting a mere fifth-round pick in return.

Really? That’s all John Dorsey could muster?

So there is no team out there in the NFL sea that could sail us a receiver in exchange for Hyde? Instead, we get paper for the standout running back. If it were a third rounder, I’d still be shocked by the trade, though far more content.

So as sports radio hosts Ken Carmen and Anthony Lima occasionally offer their reckless speculation, I’m going to offer mine on what brought us to this point. One, perhaps Hyde said or did the wrong thing and Dorsey got wind of it. Two, as this curly-haired kid from high school told me today, maybe Hyde was told Chubb and Johnson were to take on more of the workload and Hyde flipped out, thus causing Dorsey to bid him adieu. Three, maybe Hyde was intended to be much more of a short-term rental than we all suspected. Four, John Dorsey is a Russian spy and is here to sabotage everything. Sorry, John. Ray Farmer and Sashi Brown already beat you to it.

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