Hue Jackson Made the Right Call With Brock Osweiler 


Hue Jackson Made the Right Decision With Brock Osweiler 
Brock Osweiler is a starting Quarterback in the National Football League (at least for now) and that is not a joke. However the thought of Brock Osweiler being under center for the Cleveland Browns might not be as horrific as it might seem. Although it does seem pretty damn horrific.  

Contrary to popular belief Brock Osweiler, one way or another, is a winning QB in the NFL. His career .615 winning percentage is the best amongst Browns QB’s since Brian Hoyer went 10-6 as a Browns starter. Brock has been to the playoffs and won a game, he even won a superbowl as a backup. Sure maybe the circumstances were just right for a Brock in his two previous destinations, sure he squandered both of those opportunities. But considering he is the only QB on your entire roster who has a win in the NFL, Hue Jackson really had no choice. 

Brock should win this job, right now he is the only legitimate QB on the roster. Cody Kessler, who was the starter at the beginning of camp, has looked bad enough for Hue Jackson to pull the plug on the 3rd round pick. Kessler was never truly thought of as a franchise QB and most view him as a backup so him losing the job isn’t the worst thing in the world. 

Now you have a somewhat viable starting QB to play while your true hope for the future Deshone Kizer can sit. Hopefully Kizer will work hard and be prepared for his almost inevitable first start to come later in the season. The Browns have started at least two different QB’s in every season since 2001. 

So don’t expect Kizer to sit the whole season, because they Browns will need to know what they have with him at some point. Hopefully by then he will have had enough preparation to show the Browns that he is ready to turn this franchise around. Until then however, Brock Osweiler will be holding for fort down. Or at least try to keep it from completely falling apart. 

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