Hue Jackson is Here to Stay

Updated: September 22, 2017

Hue Jackson is not going anywhere. Just because of one bad game does not mean we should overreact and already want our head coach fired. The game against the Ravens last week was rough. The offense could not get anything going. Our run game was out of sync. DeShone Kizer got roughed up, but to defend him a little, he did have a migraine. If you’ve ever had one, you know that they’re no joke. Everything was just off. Games like that where nothing seems to be clicking are going to happen. There’s no avoiding them, so to put so much on the head coach for a game like that is just a bit extreme.

Hue came to the team in a time of desperation. Nothing was looking good for the team. The best and the most loyal player on the team even was requesting a trade. He somehow still wanted to come coach us. He was the most sought-after head coaching candidate and he chose the Browns to come coach. He wanted to turn this team around. He built an amazing coaching staff and Jimmy Haslem put together an amazing front office to get Hue some players. He did not just inherit a great team who can win games. He has to really work with this team them to where they can be and firing Hue will not make the team any better. Just the opposite would actually happen.

What will firing Hue actually do?

It’s still the same team. There will be no difference to the talent of the team if he does get fired. Here are a few effects that would actually happen. One is that team would lose morale. Your head coach just got fired because you played one bad game. That would be absolutely devastating to the morale of the team. The players love Hue. There has not been one player that’s said anything negative about Hue like they did Mike Pettine. Another effect would be that free agents would not want to come to Cleveland. We had this problem after we did fire Pettine. Players do not like playing for a team with such uncertainty. Cleveland is starting to turn everything around and free agents took notice even during this year with the signing of offensive linemen JC Tretter and Kevin Zeitler. The team is finally starting to look appealing to free agents; let’s not completely ruin that by firing our head coach, yet again.

The Browns are completely fine. They are in a great spot. They looked amazing against the Steelers in week one. Even though we had a rough game against the Ravens, firing Hue would be taking a giant leap backwards. There is room for a lot of improvements. Hue is doing a great job with this team. We need to keep him for at least a few more years. Let’s go Browns!

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  1. Dale Bullocks

    September 23, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    Agree with Aaron, Hue needs time to build this young team into a winner. They are on the right track and hopefully Josh Gordon will turn his life around for the better and become the asset that he is capable of. The Browns have made some good moves lately,getting rid of Hue would be a bad one.”don’t even think about it”

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