Hoyer vs. Manziel Argument Now Hoyer vs. Himself


Brian Hoyer

Since the Browns selected Johnny Manziel with the 22nd overall pick in this past year’s NFL draft, the debates and arguments about whom should be the starting quarterback in Cleveland have raged on and on.

Despite a 7-4 record, the demand for a change doesn’t quit.

Johnny Manziel

Although it may disappoint many Manziel lovers, the Browns aren’t going to change quarterbacks at this point in the season. It hasn’t always looked good, but Brian Hoyer’s Browns have a 7-4 record. That’s their best start since their 10-6 season way back in 2007.

Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons was one Brian Hoyer would love to forget. Despite throwing for 322 yards, the former Michigan State Spartan threw three interceptions compared to zero touchdowns. He went 23/40 passing. With help from his defense and poor execution from the Falcons, the Browns were able to win the game on a last-second field goal.

Brian Hoyer’s last drive was extremely impressive as he led the team down the field and set up a manageable field goal try for kicker Billy Cundiff. It was definitely something positive to take away from a generally poor performance.

I am a huge Johnny Manziel fan. I have been since the beginning of the year. However, I understand that with the Browns current record a change to the former Texas A&M stud is an impossible move to make, no matter how bad Hoyer is or becomes. Had the Browns lost on Sunday, the debate would have been reignited on local Cleveland radio stations but I still believe a change would not have been made.

Thus, the debate in itself has to be changed. It’s no longer a Brian Hoyer vs. Johnny Manziel argument. It’s a Brian Hoyer vs Himself argument.

Every quarterback in the NFL has his moments. Not even Peyton Manning or Tom Brady can be absolutely perfect each and every down. If Hoyer is truly our guy now, which he is, there’s nothing wrong with expecting him the be great. As the regular season creeps to a close, the Browns are going to have to play near-flawless football in order to get into those coveted playoffs.

What we saw from Brian Hoyer today does not get the Browns into the playoffs for the first time since the 2002 season.

If you love Johnny, please be patient. It is very likely we will see him starting next year, regardless of how well Brian Hoyer plays for the remainder of 2014. Right now, Hoyer is our man. And I mean, how can he not be? He’s been the quarterback of a team that’s gone 7-4 in a really tough division.

From now on, Brian Hoyer needs to be accountable. When he makes mistakes, criticizing him is necessary. I’m tired of hearing the Hoyer excuses. You can make an excuse for anything going wrong. I fear that Hoyer’s mistakes will catch up to him as the Browns play some of the more difficult opponents to end the season in the Colts, Bengals, Panthers, and Ravens.

It’s time for Brian Hoyer to clean up his act, because next week he may not get away with so many bad decisions.

If you love Brian, stop making excuses and expect the absolute best out of him. But just because he gets criticized DOES NOT mean everyone is calling for a switch to Manziel. It just means that, like any other quarterback, Hoyer needs to be held accountable for his poor play.

Go Browns!

-Zach Shafron

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