How Will Cleveland Respond to LeBron James During the All-Star Game?


LeBron James, Ohio’s homegrown hero, grew up just down the road from Cleveland.  In addition, LeBron is the biggest star to ever come out of the Cleveland area. And he just so happens to be the NBA superstar to bring the Cleveland Cavaliers their only NBA championship in their 52 years of existence.

LeBron is in many debates, even being widely considered the greatest player to ever play the game and in many peoples’ eyes.  Furthermore, at age 37, he is still performing as the best player in the world.

His jersey sales exceed all other players at this point in his career. Hence, being a top seller in 30 of the 50 states, according to Further proof shows that the love for “King James” is genuine.

With that being said, the question that is on people’s minds is how LeBron will be received Sunday at the NBA All-Star game in Cleveland.

Will fans cheer him, or will they boo him? As one of the team captains, LeBron James has the luxury of having two of Cleveland’s top players in Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen on his quad this season.  So many feel that his team will be cheered and favored because of it.

But how will they respond to LeBron himself? Personally, I feel with everything that LeBron James has given to the city of Cleveland, he will be cheering.

Besides, All-star weekend is a time for the stars to shine in a lighthearted environment. I believe it is the right environment for LeBron to show appreciation to the fans of Cleveland and receive it back from the Cleveland fans. So I think we’re going to get an All-Star performance for the ages from him.

So, what are your thoughts?

Do you think LeBron will be cheered or booed?

Will Cleveland fans accept him or reject him?  Let us know what you think.

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