How The Cavs Can Become Relevant Again?

The Cavs are not a very good team right now, but they are not that far off from being a playoff team in a relatively weak Eastern Conference. They are 7th in the league in three-point percentage and 6th in free throw percentage, so they do have their bright spots. The problem is that they are ranked 29th in points, assists and field goal percentage. They are also ranked the 21st defense in the league. So they can’t shoot the ball very well other than from behind the arc and they can’t defend well against opposing teams. This has led them to be tied for the 2nd worst record in the league. They have some pieces to contend for a playoff spot, but they still need to add more.

  • Draft a Top Prospect– This is an obvious thing for the Cavs; they are basically contending for the first overall pick right now and they need to draft a player that can score at the basket who also has a high field-goal percentage to help the offense. A player that fits the needs of the Cavs would be Zion Williamson, who is said to be an easy first pick for whatever team earns the pick. He is averaging 22.1 ppg and 8.9 rebounds while shooting 69% along with 31% from behind the arc. The only problem with drafting him is that he is a small forward/ power forward which are the same positions that Cedi Osman, who was in the NBA Rising Stars Game this year and Kevin Love, who is a five-time NBA All-Star. If they do happen to draft Zion, he will still be a great pick and addition to the Cavs’ current roster easily being put in the starting lineup. The Cavs would be able to run a very efficient small ball lineup featuring Sexton, Clarkson, Cedi Osman, Zion and Love, which is a young lineup led by a season vet who could help them contend for a playoff spot in a relatively weak Eastern Conference.
  • Make a Splash in Free Agency – Cleveland is not projected to have a ton of cap space to offer any player a max contract. This should not slow them down. They should still try to offer a top free agent a higher paying contract. They should set their eyes on a player well known for their defense who can also score the basketball. The first player I would suggest getting is Klay Thompson. He is an all-time shooter who can easily average 20 ppg a night as the third option on a Golden State team. He could score even more as the Cavs’ main scorer and is a great defender who can help stop opposing guards. Him and Collin Sexton would make a great one-two punch. Both can score and create turnovers. The Cavs might not be able to offer him a max contract but, if he is not resigning with Golden State, they should try to go all in for him.
  • Another player they can go for is Jimmy Butler. He is a well-known defender who can also score the ball. He is not the best locker room guy, but he would be the main option on this young Cavs team. He would be able to attack the rim, which is something the Cavs are not the best at. He would not be a player that we would offer a high paying contract, but it would probably be around the same size as Kevin Love’s. Just like Klay, he would make an impact on both sides of the ball and would thrust the Cavs into playoff contention.

Both these players would help the Cavs out on both sides of the ball and would help them contend for a playoff spot. They are both in the middle of their prime, the only downside is that they probably won’t come cheap. Cleveland should still try to go for either one of them to help carry this young team. They both have playoff experience and can help mentor the younger player on what it takes to be successful in the NBA. There are more players the Cavs could get for cheaper that would also help them some. Notable free agents are Khris Middleton, Kemba Walker, Tobias Harris, Hassan Whiteside and Deandre Jordan. All these players would help Cleveland in some way if it is rebounding defense or attacking the basket.

  • Trade Kevin Love – Kevin Love only has a couple all-star years left in him, plus is always injured. If he finishes the season strong, the Cavs should try to find someone to trade him to, so they can either add draft picks or young players. They would have to trade him soon while is stock is still high, so we would be able to get something good out of the trade. He is a 20ppg player for us, but if we trade him, we can move young guys into the lineup and start preparing for the future. This will allow us to have a lineup that has chemistry and that wants to win together for years to come. It would be best if we trade him on draft night to a team with maybe a late-first round pick or a early second round pick and a player.

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